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8 Questions with Mimi Merrill – Owner: Castle Rose Events

MimiWhew! It's been a busy couple of months for us. Last month, on February 1st we had the pleasure of attending the Kingston Wedding Show and had an absolute blast! We met all kinds of amazing people, and it was truly an event to remember.

We connect, and work with a wide range of clients who are planning special events, especially weddings. When it comes to planning your special day, it goes without saying that everything must be perfect, and memorable. Some people go about the planning process, and some are more inclined to recruit professional help from a wedding or special events planner.


When supplying, and procuring your own beverages (wine and beer) there are quite a few things you should know, so we decided to reach out to Mimi Merrill from Castle Rose Events, and pick her brain about what you should know about wine & spirits, as well as other useful tips when it comes to ensuring your special day is absolutely amazing. Without further ado, here is our conversation:

1) What is the number one question you get from clients when planning a wedding?

"When a couple is planning their reception, one of their key questions is: "What beverages to serve?" This question spirals into more sub-questions such as; what wine to serve with the meal? Should a signature cocktail be served? Cash bar or open bar? A wedding is a celebration and clients want every aspect of it to be perfect."

2) What are some things that clients should be aware of regarding: LLBO regulations and venues for purchasing wine from a vendor like Bayridge Cask & Keg?

"It's important for clients to find out their venue's policy on bringing outside beverages. Some venues may require additional fees such as corkage fees. A reception at a non-licensed location such as a farm or residence may require a Special Occasion Permit. Clients being aware of regulations will help avoid disappointments."

3) Are there fees associated with having wine supplied by someone rather than the venue?

"This really depends on the venue but typically, there is a chance that clients may have to pay a corkage fee at most licensed establishments. Clients should also be sure to find out if the venue has the proper barware to serve their beverages, as that may require additional charges."

4) What are the advantages to having wine/spirits supplied from Bayridge Cask & Keg VS The venue itself?

"Even though the "DIY wedding" is quite popular, it's not for everyone. Fortunately, there are other ways a couple can personalize /customize aspects of their wedding. The wine making opportunity provided by Bayridge Cask and Keg is a perfect way for couples to add their signature to their event. The guests are sure to be impressed too."

5) How would you describe some of the "pain points" or "stresses" which bridal customers deal with?

"As clients are hoping to only have a wedding reception once in their lives, there is a lot of pressure to make choices that will please their guests while staying within their budgets. They want their day to be perfect and enjoyed by all. Making pleasing financial choices becomes essential to the client. By choosing the services provided by Bayridge Cask and Keg, clients can expect to have a lot of their anxieties lifted, as they welcome expert opinions and an opportunity to provide their guests with a quality product while working within the limits of their budget."

6) Depending on the number of guests, how would I determine how much wine to order?

"Clients should factor in what other drinks they will be serving for the duration of the evening. If clients will host a cocktail hour and/or an open bar, this will determine how much wine to serve during a meal. Typically a client would be looking at 2 glasses -1/2 a bottle per guest."

7) How long before the event should clients order their wine?

"Clients should definitely consider their beverage options no less than 6 months prior to their reception. When considering a custom wine, I recommend clients do so no less than 12 weeks before the reception."

8) Do you have any creative tips for wine related wedding favors?

"There are many creative wine-themed wedding favors couple may consider giving their guest. Engraved wine stoppers or pourers, stemless wine glasses, and wine charms all make wonderful gifts for guests. Another excellent choice would be providing mini bottles of the customized wine that the couple chose to serve their guests."

We hope this article has provided some useful knowledge, and information when it comes to planning your event! I would also like to thank Mimi for taking the time to sit down with us and share her insights, and advice. For more information on Castle Rose Events, visit their website, and for your wine and beer needs don't hesitate to drop us a line!

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