Bayridge Cask & Keg Wine Making, Beer Brewing and Fermenting On Premise

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Why Bayridge Cask & Keg?

Massive selection of wine kits to appeal to every palate - We use 4 different suppliers so we can provide as many options as possible for our customers. We also carry cider and beer kits and soon hope to have mead kits available for the truly adventurous!

Lowest priced wine..

starting at $120

Using many different suppliers means that we can work with a budget of any size.  Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive entry-level kit, or a truly sophisticated ultra-premium wine, we have prices to accommodate your needs.

Exceptional customer service

We’re not just looking for a sales transaction, we’re all about building a relationship with every customer who comes in our store.  You get the same level of service whether you’re long-term loyal customer or someone who just came in to “browse”.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If your wine didn’t turn out the way it should, we will happily replace it or refund your full purchase price. Guaranteed.

Loyalty Program

Not only do we want to win your business, but we want to KEEP it!  Our Loyalty Program earns you points with every purchase that you can accumulate and redeem for savings on your future purchases.  You don’t need a million points to start saving either!  Each new customer starts off with 1000 points which is redeemable on their next purchase for $5 savings!

Referral Program

As a Bayridge Cask & Keg customer, if you send someone in to see us who ultimately makes a Brew On Premise purchase using you as a reference, you will be sent an email notifying you that as a result of your referral you will receive 15% off of your next purchase..AND..your referred customer receives 15% off of their initial purchase!

Monthly Draw

Each month we hold a draw for your chance to WIN A FREE BATCH! 

Promotions and Specials

We generally have a new promotion or special each month. A lot of our promo’s and specials are posted on Facebook and Twitter so it’s a good idea to make sure you “Like” us and “Follow” us.

Members Area

As a Bayridge Cask & Keg customer you can create a profile and log into our special “Members” area to view our Bottling Calendar and book your appointment for bottling online.  You’ll also find some cool discussion boards available to communicate with other customers and share your experiences and your tastes for different wines.

Ultimately, you’ll want to be a customer of Bayridge Cask & Keg so that you can experience “The Best In Brewing Experiences”!

Talk to us today!


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Bayridge Cask & Keg

A reminder to all. Bayridge Cask and Keg will be closed for the long weekend. We wish you all a wonderful and safe Labour Day weekend!!!

by Bayridge Cask & Keg

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